Thursday, March 21, 2013

My most favorite song ever

Chapter 1

I crept down the hall, as silent as a church mouse. I took a shaky breath and opened the door to my parent's room, "creak!" It squeaked. My step mom looked up from her magazine, her eyes narrowing at the sight of me. "Why aren't you at school?" She asked raisin a neatly plucked eyebrow "you're not cutting class are you?" "Of course not! It's summer." "Mmmhmmm, well then, clean your room." "I already did that," "bathroom?" "And that." "Basement?!" I just nodded. "Fine you can go out side." She huffed.
     My step mom hates me and abuses me. She almost never let's me go out side and claims I do horrible things to her when my dad is around. Which is almost never. I often think of running away.
     As I step outside, a cool rush of air sweeps over me. It's autumn witch means snow is starting to fall here in Tahoe, California. My cell phone jingles and this is what my chat with my mom for today looks like:
Mom: Happy birthday honey!
Me: Hey, mom. Donna made me clean the bathroom and basement today.
Mom: I'm sorry honey, only two more years till I can take you away to New York.
Me: that thought keeps me going. Love you, bye.

My New Blog!

Hi, my name is Paige and I am kind of new to this blog thing.  On this blog I will be ranting, writing stories, and posting links to my movie I'm making with my best friend Katie Shearin. Thanks for tuning in!
- Paige